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SkyJack RTE6832 Electric Hybrid

Platform Height: 9.75m
Working Height: 11.75m
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Fitted with Hybrid Technology, the SJ6832RTE is designed to work in the widest variety of job sites. It has an on board generator to provide power to recharge the battery pack, even when the machine is working! This enables the 6832 RTE to put in long shifts as it charges while it works. Impressive all round specifications, the 6832 RTE electric rough terrain scissor lift has an excellent 454kg platform capacity, auto-levelling outriggers (for rough or uneven ground conditions), non-marking tyres to protect floor finishes and a useful 1.52 m roll out deck extension for access up and over obstacles or just to provide a bigger platform area for large construction sites.

Dimensional Data
Platform Height: 9.75m
Working Height: 11.75m
Platform Size: 1.42m x 2.44m
Platform Extension: 1.52m
Stowed Height: 1.75m
Stowed Width: 1.72m
Stowed Length: 3.35m
Performance Data
Weight: 4026Kg
Platform Capacity: 454kg (4 occupants)
Wind Rating: 12.5mps (2 occupants)
Tyres: R/T Marking Foam Filled
(Non Marking Socks available)
Gradeability: 45%
Lift/Lower Speed: 39/39 seconds
Max Drive Speed (Stowed): 4.02km/h
Max Drive Speed (Elevated): 0.64km/h
Power Source: Electric Hybrid (12kW AC, 48V 250Ah Battery Pack)