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HireAccess Training & Safety

At HireAccess, We understand that our core business introduces significant hazards to all industries we supply to, and as a result, pride ourselves on the fact we do everything in our power to ensure any risk we introduce is mitigated as practically possible. We do this by operating in line with all relevant legislation, approved codes and best practice guidelines. Represented by our Safety motto “Safe Access – Made Easy”, our company strives to achieve perfection in all facets of MEWP safety and this is reflected in our presentation, quality & service.

To see what drives our safety goals, please view our Health & Safety Policy by clicking here.

How does HireAccess Ltd ensure your safety at height?
Working at height is and should always be considered a significant hazard. First and foremost, HireAccess provides Site Inspections, assisting our clients in choosing the right machine for the task and associated working environment. Furthermore, we assist you in understanding the risks MEWP’s introduce to your working environment and how to best manage those, in accordance with relevant legislation and best practice guidelines.
Our delivery process and rental equipment introduce significant hazards to your workplace. As a result, we ensure you receive an SSSP from our driver for the mitigation of those hazards. This will include a full safety induction on the equipment with company representatives. We are not interested in speculating the previous experience or training of company representatives on MEWP’s. This guarantees we provide a consistent and comprehensive introduction of the machine, regardless of the representatives “self-assessed” experience.
  • HireAccess’s qualified employees undertake pre-hire, monthly preventative maintenance and 6 monthly Safety Certification inspections on all of our rental fleet, prior to the machine arriving to your workplace. These are systematic inspections that ensure all Safety, Operational and Mechanical functions of our MEWP’s are 100%.
  • We provide logbooks with all our rental fleet, to assist in the management of safety and quality on MEWP’s in your workplace. These requirements are being phased in at the moment, and an introduction on how to fill out the logbook will be covered in the machine specific induction at point of sale.
  • We monitor all of our rental fleets compliance dates, ensuring the machines in your workplace are kept compliant for the duration of hire. This is also assisted by the log books, helping you monitor compliance & quality of our MEWP’s in your workplace.
HireAccess employees undertake extensive training and supervision before being exposed to our high risk environment. All drivers are employees of HireAccess that hold current operator licenses, ensuring we provide you with the best service and information upon delivery. Our maintenance is overseen by a full-time CBIP moderated technician to ensure all equipment maintenance is monitored, reviewed and carried out correctly.