What Are You Waiting For?

There are a lot of costs associated with owning equipment. When hiring equipment, HireAccess Ltd enables you to forget about the woes of owning equipment and allows you to focus on your core business operations. It’s a win-win! Some benefits are listed below;


Cash flow or loan, there is a significant chunk of your capital that is sucked up when purchasing assets. Hire so that you can free this up to invest back into your core business!

Loans typically bear interest costs to your business when paying these back, get that 5-10%pa back!

Hire costs are tax deductible as they are an operating expense against monies earned.

Hire requires no depreciation or estimated life expectancy calculations. It immediately gives you the ability to write off more than what a capital purchase can.

No Up Keep Costs (excluding damage). Maintenance – Certifications, Preventative maintenance, Breakdowns they all start to add up… Especially when it’s all typically carried out by a third party!

Excluding damage, HireAccess takes care of all the rest at no extra cost to you.

No having to try and negotiate a place to put the machinery when not in use or to buy a new trailer/truck to cart the machinery.

No Storage/Transport Costs

Obsolescence & Disposal Costs: When an asset gets to the end of its life expectancy, there are many costs associated with its replacement and disposal, let alone the headaches!

Hiring from HireAccess ensures you pass these costs on to us and all these costs are built into our hire price, meaning no sneaky surcharges or allowances are added on at any stage.

Operating Costs: Trying to work out what your newly purchased asset is worth (per job) can be hard work.

Hiring enables you to understand the true cost of that equipment being on your site, and quote accordingly.


Resources & Assets: Less staff required to manage purchased assets. Cover excess requirements during peaks and reduce requirements when work starts to slow up (Hire only when the demand warrants it!) This gives you 100% control of when you start paying for and stop paying for the use of the equipment.

New, well maintained equipment ready when you need it, gives you the opportunity to try before you buy as well!

More time to worry about what is important to the sustainability and growth of your business.

HireAccess frees up the time typically spent worrying, planning or reacting to problems or systematic requirements involved with owning assets.