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Height & Harness Training

Best Practice Guidelines and legislation are pretty clear that “ALL harness work requires training and competence and only trained and competent personnel can install and use harness systems on site.” From here it’s working out how much training you need for your application. HireAccess provides 2 versions of height training, which can be linked in with MEWP training to ensure your employees leaves with all the height training required to begin their supervision to competency stage.
“All of our trainees are enrolled with ACT Safety Ltd, and are assessed by Canterbury Training and Contracting Ltd assessors. Results are reported to NZQA by ACT Safety Ltd”

At HireAccess we provide 2 training options for Heights and Harness.

Basic Height & Harness Training
(1 Day)

Height & Harness Training One Day

  • US 23229 – Use a safety harness for personal fall prevention when working at height

This course is suitable for single and twin lanyard harness applications in industrial operational contexts. It is applicable to people needing basic training to ensure that they understand the hazards and can use a harness safely. Lanyard attachment is to pre-engineered anchor points (i.e. anchor points on MEWP’s) or safety line system consistent with workplace procedures or instructions issued by supervisory personnel.

Comprehensive Height & Harness Training
(2 days)

Height & Harness Training Two Day

  • US 23229 – Use a safety harness for personal fall prevention when working at height &
  • US 15757 – Use, install and disestablish proprietary fall arrest systems when working at height

This Course is a recommended means of obtaining competence for workers who are involved in planning, installing, operating fall arrest systems and supervising staff. It includes the Basic Height & Harness training (using Harnesses) but is mainly for people who need to set up/dismantle & use proprietary fall arrest systems for safe access in trades, maintenance and construction applications. It is primarily aimed at those who need the knowledge and skills to ensure their own safe access to complete work tasks at height. Having completed the course, trainees should be able to: identify anchor points; use proprietary fall arrest systems; and install and disestablish straightforward proprietary fall arrest systems using designated anchor points.

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