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16 / 18M Diesel Knuckle Boom

Platform Height: 15.3m
Working Height: 17.3m
HAPX18 Specs SJ51AJ Specs

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This diesel powered work platform is similar to the HA16PX. It features hydraulic differential lock, continuous 360 degrees turntable rotation, full proportional controls and simultaneous boom functions to improve productivity. It provides a working height of 17.3m with a maximum outreach of 10.6m and a 230kg lift capacity.

Dimensional Data
Platform Height: 15.3m
Working Height: 17.3m
Horizontal Reach: 10.6m
Up & Over Height: 6.6m
Tailswing: 0m
Stowed Height: 2.3m
Stowed Width: 2.3m
Stowed Length: 7.6m
Performance Data
Weight: 8050Kg
Platform Capacity: 230kg
Wind Rating: 12mps (2 occupants)
Tyres: Marking Foam Filled Lug Tread
Gradeability: 50%
Tilt: 5°
Max Drive Speed (Stowed): 5.5km/h
Max Drive Speed (Elevated): 0.8km/h
Power Source: Diesel – 42hp (31KW)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 72 Litres