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16 / 18M Rough Terrain Diesel

Platform Height: 16m
Working Height: 18m
Haulotte H18SX Specs SkyJack SJ51AJ Specs

The Largest of the rough terrain scissor fleet, this machine has a working height capacity of 18m. Standard the scissor lift is 4wd, has 35cm ground clearance and hydraulic differential lock capability giving it superior terrain ability. Additionally, the machine has a large 6m long platform, making it the perfect fit for any large scale commercial construction applications.

Dimensional Data
Platform Height: 16m
Working Height: 18m
Platform Size (Stowed): 1.89m x 4m
Platform Size (Extended): 1.89m x 6m
Stowed Height: 2.97m
Stowed Width: 2.25m
Stowed Length: 4.18m
Performance Data
Weight: 7300Kg
Platform Capacity: 500kg
Wind Rating: 12mps (4 occupants)
Tyres: R/T Marking Foam Filled
(Non Marking Socks available)
Gradeability: 40%
Lift/Lower Speed: 60/60 seconds
Max Drive Speed (Stowed): 6km/h
Max Drive Speed (Elevated): 1.6km/h
Power Source: Diesel – 31hp (23.1KW)