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Dingli MV075-RS

Platform Height: 7.5m
Working Height: 9.5m

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The MV075-RS Electric Work Platform from HireAccess Ltd is a premium personnel lift that provides flexibility and versatility for a range of indoor applications. Electric powered, this two wheel drive work platform reaches up to 7.5 meters in the air, providing up to 9.5 meters of reach and can hold up to 125kg. This machine has the added advantage of heavy ram steering where it matters most, under the load, which in turn adds the advantage of precise maneuverability.

Dimensional Data
Platform Height: 7.5m
Working Height: 9.5m
Platform Dimensions: 0.78m x 0.70m
Platform Extension: 0.55m
Overall Height (Stowed): 1.99m
Overall Width (Stowed): 0.76m
Overall Length (Stowed): 1.41m

Performance Data
Weight: 1070kg
Platform Capacity: 125kg (1 Occupant)
Tyres: Solid Non Marking
Gradeability: 25%
Wind Speed: Indoor Rated Only
Lift/Lower time: 31/24 seconds
Drive Speed (Stowed): 4km/h
Drive Speed (Elevated): 1.1km/h
Power System: 24V
Batteries: 2 x 12v 120Ah