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DingLi SP039-E

Platform Height: 3.9m
Working Height: 5.9m


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The largest of our “Push Around Scissor” range, the SP039-E gets into places that no standard 6m Electric can go. The versatility of being a lightweight machine and still giving you a 3.8m max platform height, makes the SP039-E a fantastic addition to any multi-level construction and indoor mid-level applications. Why use a ladder?

Dimensional Data
Platform Height: 3.9m
Working Height: 5.9m
Platform Size: 1.15m x .60m
Overall Height: 1.86m
Overall Length: 1.15m
Overall Width: 0.76m

Performance Data
Weight: 420kg
Platform Capacity: 240kg
Tyres: Non Marking Castors
Wind Speed: Indoor Rated Only
Lift/Lower time: 40/48 seconds
Power System: 12VDC/0.8kw
Batteries: 12V (95Ah) x 1
Charger: 12V/15A