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SkyJack SJ12

Platform Height: 3.65m
Working Height: 5.65m
SJ12 Specs

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The SJ12 is robust and durable, designed for a long working life. The SJ12 fits through standard internal doors and is light enough to travel in passenger elevators. With a safe working load of 227kg (500lbs), the SJ12 can lift one or two people with tools, and now features a traversing deck for use by one person. It is also rated for outdoor use, for one person. Clear, intuitive, easy to understand controls ensure the SJ12’s operator feels in a class of their own.

Dimensional Data
Platform Height: 3.65m
Working Height: 5.65m
Platform Dimensions: 0.69m x 0.93m
Overall Height (Stowed): 0.45m
Overall Width (Stowed): 0.76m
Overall Length (Stowed): 1.37m

Performance Data
Weight: 782kg
Platform Capacity: 227kg (2 Occupants)
Tyres: Solid Non Marking
Gradeability: 30%
Wind Speed: Indoor Rated Only
Drive Speed (Stowed): 4km/h
Drive Speed (Elevated): 0.8km/h
Power System: 24V