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Spider Boom

Platform Height: 13m
Working Height: 15m
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This machine is known for its outstanding horizontal reach and flexibility in all situations. This lift will reach 15 metres with 200kg in the basket and still fit through a standard 820mm door!
With its non-marking long tracks it regularly goes over sensitive timber and tiled floors. The tracks on the platform 15.75 are adjustable in and out but also go up and down to either give better off road ability and ground clearance or to get through a doorway or through a garage.

Spider lifts share all the best features of a scissor lift or a Knuckle type boom lift and even a mast lift.  Give us a call, we can even come out to your site and suggest which lift will best suit your needs.

Dimensional Data
Platform Height: 13m
Working Height: 15m
Horizontal Reach: 5.6m @ 200kg, 7.4m @ 120kg, 8.1m @ 80kg
Up & Over Height: 5m
Stabiliser footprint (Set up): 3.21m x 3.86m
Stowed Height: 1.91m
Stowed Width: 0.78m
Stowed Length: 4.92m
(4.25m without basket)
Performance Data
Weight: 1950Kg
Platform Capacity: 200kg
Wind Rating: 12mps (2 occupants)
Tyres: Non-Marking Tracked Machine
Gradeability: 24° Lengthwise, 15° sideways
Power Source: Diesel – 14hp or 240V electric (indoor use)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 8 Litres